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White Tulle and Gold Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 27th of March 2013 04:11:12 PM

Last week I designed a very beautiful white tulle wedding garter. I was out shopping earlier that day and came across a brooch that caught my attention. It was all white (which I find glamorous in itself) and set inside a gold setting. Inside of the gold setting were tiny rhinestones that sparkeld when the light hit them just right. I purchased the brooch immediately and set to work creating a garter that would compliment the brooch. To keep all of the attention on the gorgeous white brooch, I wanted to create a garter body style that was very plain but still elegant. Below is the final product. I think this garter is chic, modern and extremely unique. If it were a city, it would be Los Angeles. If it were a celebrity, it would be Nicole Kidman. It reminds me of a house with extremely modern architecture, made for a woman who always keeps fresh flowers in the all-too-revealing front windows. Was that overly descriptive? Probably. 

If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing this garter or something similar to it, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form here . You can also email us directly at Happy La Gartier everyone!!

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A Word of Advice If You Are Considering Buying A Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 13th of January 2012 08:47:44 PM

IF you are reading this, then you are on the La Gartier website.........which means that you are probably considering purchasing a wedding garter for your big day. So please let me take a moment to warn you against one thing: I have been noticing lately that there is this one certian type of wedding garter design surfacing on different wedding accessories websites, Etsy, etc that, while very pretty, shouldn't be considered as a viable option. I know this may sound like a bold or arrogant statement so just bear with me. You see, these new wedding garters that I am seeing don't have any elastic in them!! This means that they will not stay on your leg for more than three or four, maybe five steps. I think that a large part of their appeal is that they sit very flush against the leg. They remind me of a very minimal, tiny sort of version of the garter. Below, I have posted two pictures of this exact type of garter. They are pretty but beware! A garter needs elastic to hug the leg and stay up while you are walking. These garters below are essentially like taking a pretty piece of ribbon, wrapping it around your thigh and tying a knot in the back. So please, if you are considering purchasing a garter for you wedding day, steer clear of this "simple ribbon, elastic-free" sort of garter. Ok, rant over.

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Heirloom Wedding Garter Set

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 15th of December 2011 09:35:13 PM

One of my favorite garter designs to do is a heirloom garter set, for brides who wish to incorporate a piece of jewelry from their mother's/grandmother's jewelry collection or, well, any other material that has a special family significance. Whether it be a piece of fabric or a trinket that once belonged to their father, the best thing about creating a heirloom garter set for a bride is knowing that she will one day pass it down to her own daughter (or whomever she so desires for that matter). A great example of a La Gartier heirloom wedding garter set is pictured below and if you don't mind I am going to tell you all about it!!:)  The brooch was from La Gartier bride Erin Hamilton's mother's jewelry collection. It was an incredibly old, incredibly beautiful brooch that she sent me via ups, covered in so much bubble wrap you would think an atomic bomb was inside. We decided to put it on a white layered spotted english netting garter to match her gown, and left out all other embellishments other than the brooch. Anything else would have just taken away from how spectacular this particular piece of jewelry was. Below is a picture of this jaw-dropping heirloom wedding garter. Happy La Gartier everyone!!

heirloom wedding garter

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La Gartier + Fall Inspiration Shoot by Live View Studios

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 25th of November 2011 11:08:04 AM

This week La Gartier was lucky enough to be incorporated into a GORGEOUS fall-inspired photography shoot by Live View Studios. Live View Studios is owned by Brent and Anna Deitrich, a husband and wife photography team that I have had the honor of working with in the past. On top of the fashion and wedding photography that they do, Brent and Anna also do various inspiration shoots such as their most recent Fall Inspiration Shoot. I was excited to find out that a La Gartier garter was used in the shoot, and that in addition, the shoot was choosen by Green Wedding Shoes for a feature! Below are a few of my favorite photos from the shoot, plus the photos of the garter. To see the entire shoot or to learn more about Brent and Anna Deitrich, you can click here for the Live View Studios blog. 

Thank you so much Brent and Anna for using one of my garters! It looks just perfect on her leg!

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