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Rose Gold Wedding Garter For La Gartier Bride Kelsey Tulowitzky

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 22nd of June 2015 08:45:41 PM

One of the biggest bridal trends of 2015 is rose gold. From rose gold wedding rings to rose gold earrings, brides can't seem to get enough of this romantic color. This is exactly why I was not at all surprised when La Gartier bride Kelsey Tulowitzki requested that I custom make a rose gold wedding garter for her. She wanted the body of her garter to match the gorgeous lace that her gown was made of but requested that we put one subtle rose gold accent at the center. For her toss garter, Kelsey gave me complete creative freedom with the design so I had a rose gold bar engraved with her wedding date. Isn't the final product stunning??? It makes me want to jump on the rose gold train immediately! 

If you are interested in having a rose gold wedding garter custom made for yourself or someone that you love, then please email us at to set up your consultation. Happy La Gartier everyone!

rose gold wedding garter

rose gold wedding garter

bling garter

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Canine Themed Custom Wedding Garter Made With Real Dog Tag

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 10th of April 2015 06:51:11 PM

Just finished: the "Lexie" garter. ((Warning: you might want to get a box of tissues for this one)) This beautiful custom design was commisioned as a gift-- from one loving sister to another. The bride who is getting married recently lost her beloved dachshund Lexie. So her sister managed to send me (secretly) Lexie's precious dog tag via the mail. (From Lexie's actual collar!) I nearly cried the day it arrived. I can just see it dangling from Lexie's little neck as she does everything in the world with her owner-- sleeping, running, taking car rides, eating......all the way until their final moments together. I sincerely feel for the brides' loss and feel touched to work with such a priceless, sparkling charm. Even more so, I am impressed by the love between these two sisters. Ali, what an amazing gift you are about to give your sister. All I can say is RESPECT. 

If you or someone that you love would like to place a custom order, please email us at Or you can use our contact form by clicking here.

custom dog canine dog tag garter

The tag underneath the bow is from Lexie's actual collar

custom dog canine dog tag garter

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Ivory Lace and Pearl Custom Garter Created For La Gartier Bride Stacey Nicolini

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 16th of February 2015 08:27:46 PM

La Gartier is slowly becoming known as the number one garter company in the United States. In particular, we are becoming well-known for creating gorgeous wedding garters for brides who send us fabric from their mothers' wedding gowns. This is exactly what La Gartier bride Stacey Nicolini requested that we make for her last month. That is, she asked me to create a design using scraps of fabric from her mother's vintage wedding gown. As soon as the fabric arrived, I knew that the final design was going to be gorgeous. And it was! Just take a gander at the photos below. Do you see the ivory lace fabric that is on the outside of the garter? This was taken from the trim on the skirt of her mother's wedding gown. And do you see the tiny pearl at the center of her garter? This was also taken from her mother's gown. To take her garter from a ten to a twelve, Stacey and I decided to pair her design with our staple ivory pearl toss garter, which is available in our online collection. It made for a perfect compliment to her fully customized "repurposed" keepsake garter! 

If you are interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone that you love, please email us at We are already becoming booked for the spring and summer of 2014, so if you are interested, please contact us right away! We suggest that you schedule your customizationatleast six months in advance. Happy La Gartier everyone!





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Heirloom Lace Wedding Garter for La Gartier Bride Amanda Weber

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 7th of January 2015 01:47:57 PM

Last month, I had the pleasure of designing a "reporposed" wedding garter for La Gartier bride Amanda Weber. I call her design a "repurposed" design because it was created using fabric from her mother's vintage veil and buttons from her wedding gown. (circa 1976!) I absolutely love creating wedding garters like this, even though they can prove to be some of the most challenging. The best part was that I had the chance to meet La Gartier bride Amanda Weber and her mother at a local bridal store in Atlanta in order to custom the necessary fabric from the well as the buttons from the cuff of her vintage wedding gown. I am not going to lie-- there is nothing quite like seeing a wedding gown from the 1970s rolled out in its full beauty in front of you. There is something magical about it. However, there is also something very nerve racking about cutting into a peice of clothing so special. So, I took a few deep breathes and cut the necessary fabric. Below is the final product. Didn't it come out AMAZING?? My favorite part is the blue tag on the inside that reads "Guiseppe." It was taken from the inside of Amanda's mothers' wedding gown too! Talk about a way to check off your "something old" and your "something blue" at one time. 

If you are interested in having a custom garter created for yourself or someone that you love, please email us at Happy La Gartier everyone!

heirloom wedding garter

heirloom wedding garter

heirloom wedding garter

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Custom Guitar and Navy Blue Satin Wedding Garter for La Gartier Bride Nicole Suarez

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 21st of April 2014 04:15:04 PM

There are some wedding garter designs that I make that are more personalized than others. This custom guitar charm and navy blue satin wedding garter is one of them. And what a wedding garter it is! La Gartier bride Nicole Suarez contacted me from Puerto Rico last month with one request: she wanted me to create a "guitar-inspired" custom wedding garter for her San Juan, Puerto-Rico based wedding. She also asked that the garter be made to match her gorgeous Monique Lhuillier wedding gown. In addition, she wanted it to include a small element of navy blue due to the fact that it was apart of her wedding color pallet. Why might you ask? Because this is what you do if you are a in love with an accomplished guitarist from San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Below is Nicole's final custom wedding garter. Isn't is adorable? I mean, this garter screams "I LOVE MY FIANCE!" louder than words! My favorite part about it is that it is so darn personalized. If you are interested in having a garter custom designed for yourself or someone that you love, please feel free to email us at Or you can take the easy way out and click here to use our contact form. Happy La Gartier everyone!

guitar wedding garter

La Gartier bride Nicole Suarez's custom guitar-inspired wedding garter

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La Gartier Bride Grace Miceli's Custom Wedding Garter Design

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 30th of October 2013 06:16:54 PM

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of recieving an email from a woman named Grace Miceli. Grace lives in NYC and is getting ready to marry the love of her life this upcoming July. After a short consultation via telephone, I learned that she wanted to have a garter custom made for her wedding that somehow incorporated the fabric from her mother's veil. (I call design like this "repurposed" designs and I LOVE doing them) After giving Grace my address, I waited patiently for the veil to arrive. Once it did, I was immediately overwhelmed by how special it was.  After I finally got over how beautiful it was, I set to work creating her design by cutting individual strips of tulle from the veil, one by one. (a task that tests your patience, believe me:) I started by asking Grace to pick out her top favorite three garters from the website. This gave me a great idea as to what her personal style was and how her garter should look. Grace told me that she liked the overall look and structure of the Gracie garter (see picture below), I knew right away that her garter needed to be full of tulle and poofy like the Gracie garter.  Then, I asked Grace to send me pictures of her gown so that I could create a garter that worked well with her dress. I was happy that I did this, because as soon as I saw the gorgeous beading around the waistline of Grace's gown, I knew immediately that we needed to somehow incorporate pearls and rhinestones into the embellishment of her garter. This was a perfect decision because there just so happened to be tiny pearls all over the top caplet of Grace's mothers' vintage veil. I carefully removed them and, after creating the body of Grace's garter, used them to create a gorgoeus embellishment scheme along the midline of Grace's garter. (I also mixed in a few rhinestons and pearls of my own) Below are pictures of Grace's final garter design. Didn't it come out stunning? When I look at it, I feel touched that Grace and her mother trusted me to cut up her mother's vintage veil and create a beautiful heirloom peice. As far as "something old's" go, this peice is incomparable. 

 If you are interested in having a garter custom made for yourself or someone that you love, please contact us at or use the contact form here. Happy La Gartier eveyone!

gracie tulle garter

The Gracie garter: the original inspiration behind Grace Miceli's custom garter design

lace wedding garter

Grace Miceli's custom garter design

pearl wedding garter

custom lace wedding garter

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The Sade Wedding Garter is on Sale!

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 13th of October 2013 05:42:12 PM

Here at La Gartier, we rarely ever put our lovely garters on sale, however this week we have decided to discount the Sade garter for all of the brides in the world who want a lovely garter, but not if it breaks the bank. Usually, the Sade garter is fifty nine dollars but this week we are offering it for forty five. It is an absolutely gorgeous peice as you can see from the picture below. It is made out of a fine ivory satin and ivory satin lace trim. At the center is a mirrored cameo pendant--perfect for the bride who loves vintage elements or cameos. Don't want to toss it? Then add a simple toss garter to your order for only ten dollars! Happy La Gartier everyone! 

vintage lace wedding garter

vintage lace wedding garter

vintage lace wedding garter

la gartier wedding garters

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Key to His Heart: Priscilla Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 21st of April 2013 07:26:54 AM

Carry the key to his heart with you on your wedding day. This beautiful Priscilla garter has a traditional style with one layer of gathered cream lace and the addition of thin satin. It's detailing inlcludes a simple champagne colored bow and a brass antique key charm. It's beautiful combination of satin and lace would be the perfect additon for an elegant satin sweetheart wedding gown at beautiful candle lit evening affair. No matter what style wedding you chose nothing would be sweeter than carrying the key to his heart down the aisle on your wedding wedding day.

Priscilla Garter

Priscilla Garter


If you are interested in purchasing this garter or something similar to it, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form here. You can also email us directly at Happy La Gartier everyone!!


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La Gartier Garters Featured in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 26th of February 2012 03:47:45 PM

La Gartier was featured in the latest issue Destination Weddings and Honeymoons!!!! This is a big big deal for me as it is La Gartier's first NATIONAL peice of print press. La Gartier has been featured nationally, but until now it has only been on wedding blogs........and while it has already received features in print it has only been in regional magazines such as 944 Atlanta and so on. So needless to say I am ecstatic. I am thinking of taking all of the magazine covers that La Gartier has appeared in (and will continue to appear) and framing them for the wall that I stare at while I sew. That way, whenever my sewing machine is acting up and I am getting frustrated or whenever I have to pass up a friend's birthday party because I have orders to make, I can just look up and get that little bit of extra encouragement I need to keep going. 

Below is a picture of the latest Destination Weddings and Honeymoons along with a picture of pg. 26, where La Gartier was featured. Happy La Gartier everyone!! 

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Jan/Feb Issue on sale now!


La Gartier Feature In Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

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New Wedding Garter Styles Available on Bella Bleu Only

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 30th of August 2011 09:10:46 PM

The new styles are out!!! Below are the two new, ultra-glamorous La Gartier garters designed exclusively for Bella Bleu Couture Bridal and Speciality Accessories Boutique!!! La Gartier became an official Bella Bleu vendor last month, offering the Leanne and the Nina couture bridal garters..........but the longer I thought about it the more I felt that two garters should be designed just for the Bella Blue website. they are. The first garter, the "Avery" garter,  is made of a white pleated organza with chantilly lace detail, and is dotted with alternating ivory pearls and silver set rhinestones. It is centered by an exquisite pearl and rhinestone "flower" brooch (I can't think of what else to call it!). The second garter is made of two different fabrics: a white antique eyelet lace over a white double faced satin ribbon, with alternating silver set rhinestones (small and large) and a blue, blue, blue rhinestones center embellishment that cries glamour. This garter, the Rachelle garter (named after the newest LG bride Rachelle Schenk) would make a glamorous and completely original "something blue".

Both garters are available exclusively on the Bella Bleu website, where you can find a number of other designer bridal accessories that I, for one, drool over. I'm not even engaged! To see more of Bella Bleu's couture bridal accessories, visit Happy La Gartier everyone and enjoy!!

Couture Wedding Garter

Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Garter


Lace Wedding Garter

Blue Wedding Garter

Blue Sapphire Wedding Garter

Blue Bridal Garter




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