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La Gartier Wedding Garters Weekly Instagram Round Up

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 27th of April 2016 04:25:18 PM

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again! What time, might you ask? Time for La Gartier's weekly Instagram photo round up! Below are a few pictures of the behind-the-scenes happenings from the world of La Gartier lately. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow us, our name is @lagartier. Happy La Gartier everyone!

A sneak peak of June's limited edition garter - The Florentine

Chic Bachelorette Party Idea Number Three: ditch the traditional "girls get wasted with cheesy party favors and too much pink" and opt for gorgeous, floor-length sequin gowns with fabulous hair/make up. After that, where you go is semi-irrelevant. Just make sure to get a TON of pics, and have fresh florals somewhere.

The "Peyton Place" garter - now the official property of White Magnolia Bridal in Jacksonville, Florida. (the heart shaped pendant hanging at the center is a vintage locket that we found two weeks ago at an antique market in North Georgia!! Isn't it precious?!)

Currently obsessing over La Gartier bride Simone Greenburgh's Kate Spade clutch. Seriously, no other designer makes bridal clutches quite like Kate Spade. Ladies, if you are looking for one, as a gift or for a fabulous wedding clutch, look here first. Kate Spade has the prettiest and most unique designs. Even Miss Hayley Paige carried one!

At least when I make a mess, it's expensive.

La Gartier bride Tiffany Bach's "Heidi Gibson" wedding ring has my jaw on the floor. Isn't this incredible?!

The "Hayley" garter.

Created for and worn by Miss Hayley Paige on July 11, 2015

The "Doves In Avalon" garter. Now the official property of Maggie Louise Bridal in Collierville, Tennessee.

Dear O.P.I., I realize that you call this color "MOD ABOUT YOU", but is there anyway I could convince you to rename it LA GARTIER PINK??

Hilary, you can send me lace from your Galia Lahav gown any day.

Hi all! Ok, so our "Katniss" garter is officially sold out. We had the ability to make only 30 and you all scooped them up so quickly that they did not make it until the end of the month!! So, you will no longer see it available on our website and in our Etsy shop. However, we will have a new limited-edition design available on June 1st that will take your breath away!!!!! (The "Katniss" garter was our first limited-edition design. It was a sort of test to see whether our clients would like the opportunity to have a garter that only a few other brides have been able to wear........... we were stunned by the response. We hope that you will love our second-limited edition design just as much!!

This weekend's vintage finds: a Pisces fish medallion, a poodle with rhinestone collar, a blue honey bee, a rose gold locket, an opal pendant, and a large dandelion-carved locket. If you had to choose one, which one would you choose?? 

Oh hey Giuseppe Zanotti.....jumping on the mirrored rose gold gladiator sandal train. Wait, hang on, no, you started that train.

Happy brides wear La Gartier.

Nothing but velvet for the queen Laurie Webb Kornegay.

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. -Leonardo da Vinci

Just finished: La Gartier bride Christine Han's unbelievably fun and flirty custom garter set. *Beading to match her Hayley Paige gown? Check. 
*Grandmother's antique silver locket for her something old? Check.
*Hand-made illustrations of Christine riding a horse on the inside of her locket for her something blue? Drawn by Christine's fiance himself? Check. 
* Christine's wedding date embroidered on the inside of her keepsake garter? Check.
* A heirloom peice created for Christine's future daughter??? Check and check

La Gartier Bride Julianne Danae Smith's gorgeous Vienna garter with her Christian Louboutin heels. Julianne, you literally just set our inbox on fire. Thank you for taking the time to email us these pictures!!!!

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La Gartier Couture Garters Now Available At The Plumed Serpent Bridal

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 25th of March 2016 07:33:49 AM

La Gartier is excited to announce that La Gartier garters are now available for sale at The Plumed Serpent Bridal Boutique in Westport, Connecticut!

The Plumed Serpent is a couture bridal boutique that caters to the fashionable bride and her individual needs. This spacious and warmly lit boutique makes every bride feel welcome and special. If you’re looking for more than just a dress, if you’re searching for an experience that celebrates you, your day, and your love for elegant, unique, beautifully crafted gowns, then you’re exactly the bride The Plumed Serpent serves.

Featured below are some pictures taken at this gorgeous boutique and some of the La Gartier designs now available there! Happy La Gartier everyone!

couture bridal gown

A couture bridal boutique catering to the fashionable bride.

wedding shoes

bridal consultant

couture boutique

pearl garters

something blue garter

bow tie garter

bling princess garter

pearl and rhinestone garter

bling garter

lace garter

silk couture garter

From La Gartier with love!

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La Gartier Sparkle Wedding Garters Weekly Instagram Roundup

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 28th of January 2016 05:21:24 AM

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again! What time, might you ask? Time for La Gartier's weekly Instagram photo round up! Below are a few pictures of the behind-the-scenes happenings from the world of La Gartier lately. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow us, our name is @lagartier. Happy La Gartier everyone!


Wedding puppy goals.

iridescent garter

Hayley Paige-inspired garter designs make the world feel iridescent.

crystal rhinestone garter

La Gartier and chill?

What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.

wedding gown

Wedding gowns from Samuelle Couture light up my eyes.

vintage wedding ring
Vintage wedding rings that make the entire world feel like diamonds. Do you adore vintage jewelry?

wedding shoes
La Gartier bride Lauren Dennis's gorgeous blue Badgley Mischka shoes. This week, Lauren and I are working together to create a beautiful custom garter for her wedding that includes peacock feathers. The color of blue in the peacock feathers + these shoes are going to make for an incredible, vibrant combination. Gotta love a bride who isn't afraid to use a little color in her wedding!!

Martin Luther King Jr quote
To me, the three words Martin-Luther-King might as well be Love-Dream-Peace. Happy birthday to one of America's finest heroes.

pearl rhinestone garter
Slim wedding garters like the Lori were created specifically for form-fitting gowns like a mermaid or a trumpet. That way, they cannot be seen underneath the skirt of your gown. Seamless. Sparkling. Glamorous. (Photocredit: Claudia McDade.)

Hayley Paige wedding gown
Behati behati behati. It's like "Marcia Marcia Marcia" but with a Hayley Paige twist.

So psyched to see the newest edition of The Knot FINALLY hit stands in Georgia!! One of our past clients, Hayley Paige, made the cover story!! Get your copy today at any major grocery store or Barnes & Noble today to read about one of the most magical weddings of 2015!! (page 62 is my happy place!)

unicorn garter
Currently pinning images from CHARD Photographer's most recent blog about Hayley Paige's incredible Lake Tahoe wedding. The above photo of the custom unicorn toss garter that we created for Hayley Paige has our company heart shining with pride today!!! Check us out on Pinterest for over thirty images from Hayley's wedding OR visit to read the full blog!!!

sparkle garter Vienna
Sparkle bright like a diamond. (Photocredit: Rachael Ann Gliebe.)

bridesmaid hair idea
Bridesmaid hair goals.

rhinestone garter Corrie
Say I Love You and wear La Gartier.

rhinestone moonstone garter Hayley
The Hayley garter as photographed by the one and only Rachael Ann Gliebe. Look for this design plus twenty sparkling others here at

feathered wedding shoes
La Gartier bride Chelsea Morgucz's Jimmy Choo bridal heels. These beauties are called the "Viola 100 embellished suede sandals" and my jaw hit the floor when I saw them. They might be my favorite 2016 Jimmy Choo wedding heels to date. Can see yourself wearing them for any special, sparkling occasion?

bling garter Vienna
The Vienna garter takes your getting ready pictures from a ten to a twelve. Look for this design plus twenty sparkling others here at (Photocredit: Rachael Ann Gliebe.)

custom garter
Just finished: La Gartier bride Tori Sexton's custom vineyard and French lace inspired wedding garter set. Tori is planning on saying her vows in a gorgeous vineyard with the love of her life this May, so we decided to create a custom design for her that included a vintage grapevine brooch. (Pictured at the center of her toss garter, which she is never going to throw.) To make the design even more "Tori", we picked out a gorgeous French lace for her toss garter that matches the lace on her gown. (Not pictured here is the darling embroidery patch on the inside of her Vienna garter with her wedding date in blue.) Too perfect, right? I'm telling you-- the only person that likes this wedding garter set more than me is Tori Sexton herself. Tori, it has been such a pleasure working with you. xoxo, Sarah

From La Gartier with love!

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La Gartier Ivory Pearl Garters Now Available at Something Blue Bridal Boutique

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 27th of January 2016 06:49:28 PM

La Gartier is pleased to announce that La Gartier garters are now available for sale at Something Blue Bridal Boutique in Schererville, Indiana!

Something Blue Bridal Boutique strives to give each and every bride a personalized experience. This boutique love sgetting a sense of the bride’s unique style and helping her transform her personality into a stunning wedding look. Every bride should look and feel like her best self as she walks down the aisle, don't you agree? And not just brides: Something Blue loves helping a bride's entourage or anyone looking for a fresh, modern look for a wedding or special event.

Featured below are some pictures taken at our new sister boutique and some of the La Gartier designs now available there! Happy La Gartier everyone!

Something Blue Bridal Boutique

Something Blue interior

pearl bridal gown

ivory lace

wedding gowns

The Knot award

ivory pearl sashes

wedding accessories

wedding shoes

ivory lace garter Corrie

ivory pearl garter Lori

something blue garter Blue Evelyn

ivory pearl toss garter

La Gartier wedding garters

From La Gartier with love!

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La Gartier Bridal Garters Weekly Instagram Roundup

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 15th of January 2016 10:48:18 AM

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again! What time, might you ask? Time for La Gartier's weekly Instagram photo round up! Below are a few pictures of the behind-the-scenes happenings from the world of La Gartier lately. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow us, our name is @lagartier. Happy La Gartier everyone!

sparkle garter
Life goals: Marry a professional baseball player. Wear the Vienna garter on your wedding.

we are about that life

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

bridesmaid hair idea
Obsessed with this hairstyle today. Do you think that this messy side braid would make for perfect bridesmaid hair? (Btw- follow us on Pinterest for more wedding day ideas than you know what to do with.)

blush pink bling garter
Just finished: La Gartier bride Suzie Marshall's custom blush pink and pearl Vienna garter. Suzie contacted me last June about creating a stunning design for her December 2016 wedding. Suzie requested a design that was filled with sparkle, the color pink and ivory pearls. Her wedding theme is Art Deco, so we decided to use the Vienna garter as our base but modify it by creating a band that was filled with pearls, rhinestones and blush pink beading. Today, this stunner of a design has arrived in England, to Suzie's rainy doorstep and I couldn't be happier about it! Suzie, working with you over the past two months has been a delight!! Our "meeting" has resulted in a gorgeous, wearable work of art! Many hugs to you and your fiancé!! Xoxo, Sarah.

gold sparkle glitter
Currently in LOVE with this tiny glass vial of glitter that reads "Pixie Dust: Sprinkle and Think Happy Thoughts!" I want to take this glitter and sprinkle it all over my 2016, don't you? Remember-- your thoughts become things so if you want your 2016 to be 365 days of dreamy dreaminess, start now with your thoughts.
Life is short. Buy the Gartier.

wedding hairstyle idea
I thought about doing the "2015 Best 9" collage thing, but then I realize you probably would be more interested in this hairstyle. Follow us on Pinterest for tons of wedding day beauty ideas at!!

Jimmy Choos
If choosing your wedding shoes with style and grace were a sport, then La Gartier bride Kelly Rose has already beaten us to the gold.

princess crystal garter
The Aurora garter as photographed by Jennifer Williams of Boudoir Studio. This garter makes for an essential accessory if you are planning on doing a bridal boudior photography session before your wedding! Check out to see all of your sparkling garter options. (Thank you Jennifer!!!)

bad girls move in silence

crystal moonstone garters
La Gartier bride Dominique Scott-Efurd wearing her Vienna garter + Hayley garter (as her throw garter!) on her wedding day. I can't think of better legs to adorn than professional athletes' legs. Strong, fast and beautiful is Dominique Scott-Efurd. Check this woman out of you need any running inspiration. (Photocredit: Meredith Mcclary-Benfield)

something flourescent blue
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something flourescent blue?? Time to cut, cut. Sew, sew.

sailing custom garter
Currently working on an incredible custom design for La Gartier bride Susan Monette, who has requested a garter design that is reminiscent of 16th-17th century pirate sailing ships. (Think Pirates of the Caribbean but historically-accurate.) The theme for Susan's wedding day will be "The Era of Vintage Sail," so you can imagine my excitement when I found this tiny 3-sail gold pirate warship while personal-shopping last week. This little baby is over two hundred years old (circa 1800s!!!) and it depicts a ship from the EXACT century that Susan is in love with. To say that I am obsessed with its intricate carvings and dainty detailing would be an understatement. We plan on creating the body of her garter so that the back ties up like a corset, using ribbons that are distinctly ship-like. To make everything even more special, all of Susan's correspondence has been via email, as she currently sailing off the coast of Australia with her soon-to-be hubby. So, basically, Susan is on a ship, designing her ship-inspired garter with me. Too perfect? Right? Honestly, I have never worked with a bride who has such an distinct "old-world" vision for her garter.......and I feel it capture my imagination like a Venus fly trap. I can't wait to post pictures of the final design.

you are capable of amazing things

Atlantan Brides
I may or may not have chosen this nail color to match the most recent cover of Atlantan Brides magazine. Page 66 is my happy place. Thank you to Modern Luxury Brides for such a lovely write up about our sparkling company.

bling garters
I find that if I make pretty things, then my life becomes prettier.

Giuseppe Zanotti sparkle heels
La Gartier bride Suzzette Baldwin's gorgeous new Giuseppe Zanotti Design heels. These babies are called the WITCH sandals......and I just about died when Suzette told me that she picked them out because her fiancé believes that she put a love spell on him. Do you believe in love spells? Did you use one on your fiancé? Does he know it?

Hayley Paige garter
Hayley Paige-inspired garter designs make the world feel iridescent.

blush pink unicorn garter
Magical unicorn garters to make her dance.

From La Gartier with love!

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La Gartier Bling Crystal Garters Now Available at Plume Bridal!

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 25th of November 2015 07:52:36 AM

La Gartier is pleased to announce that our garters are now available at Plume Bridal in Bozeman, Montana!

Plume Bridal is a comfortable space for you to relax and let the perfect dress speak to you. Plume is ready to make selecting your wedding ensemble a special experience. Every product in the store has been hand-picked to ensure that brides receive the newest and most popular designs. Each brand Plume carries has a proven track record of success not only for designs, but also for quality and customer service. And now La Gartier is one of those brands!

Below are some pictures of Plume Bridal and of some of the sparkling La Gartier designs they now carry. Happy La Gartier everyone!

Plume Bridal exterior

Plume Bridal interior

Plume Bridal wedding gowns

sparkle bling wedding garter

sparkle bling wedding garter

sparkle bling wedding garter

sparkle bling wedding garter

From La Gartier with love!

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La Gartier Crystal Band Wedding Garters Weekly Instagram Round Up

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 15th of November 2015 06:41:37 PM

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it's that time again! What time, might you ask? Time for La Gartier's weekly Instagram photo round up! Below are a few pictures of the behind-the-scenes happenings from the world of La Gartier lately. If you have an Instagram account and would like to follow us, our name is @lagartier. Happy La Gartier everyone! Enjoy!

crystal band wedding garter

Loving this image of La Gartier bride Sharis in her stunning Alvina Valenta bridal gown. The best part about Sharis's wedding? Maroon 5 crashed it and featured it in their music video "Sugar"!! 

marchesa bridal heels

Spending the morning on Pinterest, researching some of the newest & prettiest wedding shoes on the market right now. My favorite thing I have found so far are these Marchesa Fall 2016 bridal heels. So gorgeous. Follow us our Pinterest board called "Wedding Shoes" for an entire gallery of beautiful wedding shoe options for your big day-- 

bride ines de santo

La Gartier bride Isabelle Taylor Maerki wearing her drop dead gorgeous Ines De Santo gown on her September 6th, 2015 wedding day. You look beautiful Isabelle!  And that bouquet is EVERYTHING!!! 

crystal band garter

La Gartier bride Isabelle Taylor Maerki wearing her sparkling Sophia garter on her wedding in Switzerland. Such a beautiful photo Isabelle!! Can anyone say PERFECT!?! 

wedding garters

crystal band garter

So proud to be able to say that Jenna Michelle Cecil will be an official La Gartier bride in just seven short days!!! This woman is a true combination of beauty and brains!!! And what a set of legs!! Louboutin + La Gartier?? Yes please! 

La Gartier bride Lauren Baker's wedding ring is giving me sparkle-envy this morning. So excited to work with this blushing bride-to-be come February 1st!!! Lauren has requested a garter that is inspired by her wedding ring, the blue of her beautiful bridesmaids' gowns, the color white....and of course a TON of sparkle. Can February come any sooner??!? 

crystal band garters

Currently working on a beautiful custom design for La Gartier bride Brittany Camara. Brittany's wedding theme is "Garden Romance," so she has requested a blush pink design with strong floral elements. I don't know about you, but I think that gardens are the some of the sexiest places in the entire world. Apparently Brittany's fiance feels the same way, because that is where he picked to propose to her. (Heart skips a beat!!) I'm so honored to be a small part of this couple's wildly romantic journey. Big hugs to you Brittany Camara!!!! I sit down now to create this beauty! Music turned up! Phone off! Xoxo, Sarah 

hayley paige

So happy to see one of our past clients, Hayley Paige, grace the cover of The Knot magazine! Head to your local grocery store or Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy and read about one of THE PRETTIEST weddings of 2015!!

rose gold ring

crystal band garter

La Gartier bride Monique Dampier wearing her gorgeous Vienna garter & sparkling rhinestone toss garter on her wedding day-- October 3rd, 2015. Monique, I have no idea what I was doing at this moment last month but I can guarantee you that it wasn't nearly as fabulous as this. I truly appreciate that you took the time to email these to us yesterday!!! Thank you!!! 

la gartier wedding garters

Currently working on three beautiful wedding garter designs for three fabulous December brides --- all of which include the color gold. Candles lit. Music turned up. Cut. Cut. Sew. Sew. 

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Monogrammed Wedding Handkerchiefs

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 3rd of November 2015 08:16:33 PM

Are you looking for a handkercheif to carry with you on your wedding day but cannot find something that is tasteful and modern? If so, we are pleased to announce our new collection of "something blue" MODERN bridal hankys. (See pictures below!) These three handkercheifs are not only a wonderful option for anyone who knows they might be shedding tears of happiness of their wedding day but they are also a fantastic gift idea for bridesmaids, your mother, his mother and anyone you know who might like a small peice of memorabelia from the wedding. To purchase, please click here to be directed to our shop:


bridal handkerchief

"Happy Tears Are the Best Tears" Bridal Hanky is a perfect option for any bride looking for a chic, modern "something blue" on her wedding day

wedding handkerchief

"Don't Worry About Your Mascara Darling" is a fantastic bridal hanky for a bride who tends to get teary-eyed during some of life's most special moments

wedding handkerchief

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Real Lace Wedding Garter from La Gartier bride Stacey Nicolini

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 18th of October 2015 08:56:52 PM

When our past clients decide to send us photos from their weddings, the day suddenly feels like Christmas!! This is exactly what happened earlier today when La Gartier bride Stacey Nicolini sent us photos from her wedding, shot by the one and only Laura Hernandez Photography. Suddenly, I felt like posting these photos EVERYWHERE!!♥

Last February, I had the pleasure of creating a custom wedding garter for Stacey using lace from her grandmother's wedding dress. After we were finished designing her garter, Stacey requested that I create a custom bouquet wrap for her as well, using a pearl necklace that onced belonged to her grandmother. Below are pictures of not only her garter, but also her bouquet wrap and her drop dead gorgeous Christian Louboutin bridal heels. Can someone say GORGEOUS?!

If you would like to book a customization for yourself or someone thaty you love, please email us at Happy La Gartier everyone! 


christian louboutin bridal heels

christian louboutin wedding heels

lace wedding garter with pearl

lace wedding garter with pearls

la garter

custom bridal bouquet wrap

la gartier bride stacey nicolini

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Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Beaded Custom Garter For La Gartier Bride Grecia Valle

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 16th of March 2015 10:28:30 PM

Creating La Gartier bride Grecia Valle's wedding garter was such a wonderful experience that I am very seriously considering working her design into our permanent collection. That is how gorgeous her garter is. (see photos below) The back story: Grecia wanted a wedding garter that matched her heavily crystalled and pearled wedding gown. However, she also wanted something personal on her garter. So, we added a custom patch on the inside that included her wedding date and her initials. My favorite part was that all of jer embroidery was done in a darling baby, in my not-so-humble-opinion, Grecia officially has the prettiest "something blue" west of the Mississippi!!! 

If you are interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone that you love, please email us at We are already becoming booked for the spring and summer of 2014, so if you are interested, please contact us right away! We suggest that you schedule your customizationatleast six months in advance. Happy La Gartier everyone!

pearl and swarovski crystal rhinestone beaded garter


embroidered wedding garter

pearl and crystal garter

sarah dobson

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