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A Silk Ivory Bridal Button Wedding Garter Named

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 28th of January 2013 02:54:29 PM

Introducing the Abby garter. The Abby garter is made out of an ivory double-faced satin ribbon with ivory lace trim. At the center of the garter are two silk bridal buttons: one on top of the other. I am a huge fan of bridal buttons and can't seem to get enough of them. If you are someone who shares my adoration of this small, dressmaker's detail or someone who is getting ready to walk down the aisle in a bridal button adorned gown, this garter is a must-have. You can order it by visiting The Garters page by clicking here or by contacting us directly at

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Pink Wedding Garter + Inspiration

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 17th of November 2011 08:29:33 PM

I came across this wonderful Audrey Hepburn quote last night as I was late-night web surfing and loved it so much I just had to take a screenshot of it. Call me predictable, but pink has and always will be my favorite color. Audrey Hepburn, I so completely and totally appreciate that you felt strongly about the color pink!! Below is the quote, beautifully and artistically rendered along with some of my favrite La Gartier garters that incorporate pink!

pink wedding garter

pink wedding garter

pink wedding garter

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Wedding Garter Set

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 27th of October 2011 11:24:33 PM

I have been getting so many requests for wedding garter sets recently, that I added a Toss Garter option to the shop. Now you can get a matching ivory or white satin toss garter to go along with whichever keepsake garter you choose from the collection. It is just a plain, simple satin band, made to throwing to a group of rowdy, single men. If you want your toss in any particular color, send an email to or use the contact form on the Contact page. Photos of the newest La Gartier wedding garter sets to come! For now, below is a picture of what the Toss Garter listing looks like along with my favorite new quote. Happy La Gartier everyone!!


la gartier wedding garters

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Real Wedding: Maria Dane and the Janet Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 16th of August 2011 12:33:41 AM

Maria Dane, one of LG's newest brides, was married on July 30th in Kirkland, Washington at the Woodmark Hotel. I just recieved some photographs of her stunning seaside wedding from wedding planner Manette Gracie. I cannot express how much I appreciate Maria for all of her support

Below are a few pictures from her wedding day (look for the "Janet" garter at the bottom of the top photo) plus a screen shot of THE BEST FACEBOOK POSTING I HAVE EVER READ! Maria told the entire world what was going through her mind & heart just moments before she walked down the aisle! I have to say there is a lot of junk in the social media realm, but this Facebook posting is MADE OF GOLD.

Thank you Maria for all of you support!

The Janet Wedding Garter

All images courtesy of Stephane Haller Photography

La Gartier Bride Maria Dane and Bouquet

Bride Maria Dane Facebook Posting

Bride Maria Dane and Groom Chris Dane

Maria & Chris Dane

♥July 30, 2011♥

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The Angela Garter for LG bride Angela Mitchell

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 31st of July 2011 01:42:59 PM

I just got pictures back of my new bride-to-be Angela Mitchell's custom garter.....which Angela pretty much designed by herself. Oh my gosh, how pretty is this garter?

As a professional graphic designer, Angela came to me with a clear design vision of what she wanted, and a good one at that. She liked the vintage inspiration and hanging chiffon bow of the "Billie" garter from the previous collection, but wanted to add a strand of her own pearls. She is getting ready to be married next month at an achingly romantic old farm in Northern Georgia, with a specific natural and vintage feel to it. On top of her refined design taste, Angela is passionate environmentalist who hunted long and hard for an eco-friendly wedding gown. When she showed me a swatch of what she had found, an exquisite hemp-silk blend fabric, I was actually very taken aback. It was beautiful. I suggested we do the body of the garter with a natural silk blend fabric to match....... and what resulted is one of my favorite garters I have ever made. So much so in fact, that it inspired the use of all the midori dupioni silk in the newest collection.

Below are pictures of the "Angela" garter for LG bride Angela Mitchell as well as my favorite peice of Angela's graphic design work from her company Light Daughter. Congratulations Angela!!

Personalized Wedding Garter

Lightdaughter Angela Mitchell

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Sarah Tellison and the Tellison Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 7th of July 2011 11:57:23 AM

I met Sarah Tellison at one of the very first bridal shows I attended on behalf of La Gartier, nervous and overly-concerned with the design of my display table. She approached my table with interest in my garters, and instantly put me at ease with her light hearted, down-to-earth conversation and style. We chatted for about twenty minutes, and I learned that she was getting ready to have a beautiful bird-themed wedding that upcoming November, here in Atlanta, Georgia. She inquired about doing a customization that incorporated her wedding colors, ivory and pale pink, as well as her dress design-- a Lazaro gown with a specifically "princessy" flair. I was eager to do it and went straight to the fabric store the next day to find materials for a garter that would fit a princess. When I came across a tiny bird charm in my collection later that day, I couldn't help but recommend somehow using it as well, and the final product was just perfect. Sarah Tellison's garter (below) was made of an exquisite ivory organza and double-faced satin ribbon, with braided soutached piping to bring in her "princess" gown element, centered by a blush pink ribbon for the pink in her color pallete. The final touch was hand-sewing the precious bird charm below her sheer organza bow to match her theme and really add that final touch to the garter. Below are pictures of Sarah on her wedding day as well as a picture of her personalized "Tellison" garter! Happy La Gartier....♥♥♥

Bride Sarah Tellison

Sarah Tellison on her wedding day: November 23, 2010

Personalized Pink Wedding Garter

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Monica Lynn Collier and the Monica Wedding Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 5th of July 2011 03:27:43 PM

A big thank you to Monica Lynn Collier of Grandville, Michigan for sending me photos of her custom La Gartier garter that I made last spring. Monica contacted me last January with a very specific idea of how she wanted to customize her garter, and I set to work creating her one-of-a-kind pearl and rhinestone design for her wedding on May 28th. Below are pictures of Monica Lynn Collier on her wedding day and a few pictures of her custom "Monica" garter!!

La Gartier Bride Monica Collier

Custom Bridal Garter

"Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill." - Monica Lynn Collier

Personalized Bridal Garters

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