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Custom Wedding Garter Spotlight: Kimberly Lastrilla's Nautical Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 6th of December 2011 04:49:49 PM

Delighted to be contacted this week by La Gartier bride Kimberly Lastrilla with photos of her nautical-inspired custom wedding garter!! Kimberly Lastrilla entered the Bow Ties and Bliss wedding garter contest a month or so ago, and ended up winning the "Kim" garter. However, in the comments section of her entry, I noticed that she had written that her wedding was to have a nautical theme. After exchanging a few emails back and forth, I decided to design a nautical-inspired wedding garter for Kim. Below is her comment that she left on the Bow Ties and Bliss website along with a few pictures of her custom wedding garter design. Thank you very much for sending these along Kimberly!! I love love love real wedding pics!!

Custom Wedding Garter

Personalized Wedding Garter

Nautical Wedding Garter

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Wedding Blog Love

By: Sarah Dobson | Friday 28th of October 2011 07:25:22 PM

Tonight's blog posting is all about wedding blog love! Here are just

a few wedding blogs that have featured La Gartier since last March:

♥ The Wedding Chicks

♥ Completely Unveiled 

♥ Brenda's Wedding Blog

♥ Style Unveiled

♥ Emmaline Bride

♥ Bow Ties and Bliss

♥ Style Me Pretty

♥ Bella Bleu Couture Bridal Accessories

♥ BravoBride

♥ tlanta Bridal

I would like to say a personal thank you to Lei Lydle, Amy & Jocey, Rebecca, Heather, Emily, Emma, and Brenda for supporting La Gartier by writing about her! 

tags,  Bella Bleu Bridal,  Bow Ties and Bliss,  BravoBride,  Brenda's Wedding Blog,  Completely Unveiled,  Couture Garter Set,  La Gartier,  Style Me Pretty,  Style Unveiled,  The Wedding Chicks,  Wedding Garters

La Gartier Giveaway with Bow Ties and Bliss

By: | Saturday 3rd of September 2011 01:45:22 PM

This week La Gartier is partnering with Becky of Bow Ties and Bliss for a giveaway that gives one lucky bride the chance to win either the Lauryn, the Andrea, or the Kim garter. Bow Ties and Bliss first caught my attention about two weeks ago, when it blogged about my favorite online bridal boutique Bella Bleu Couture Bridal. Becky, the writer behind Bow Ties and Bliss, has created just the kind of wedding blog I like: cute, girly, and full of irresistable wedding details. And to top it all off, the entire blog is in my favorite all time color: pink. 

To enter the giveaway:
1. Choose your favorite garter from the three choices (Kim, Lauryn, or Andrea).
2. Leave a comment below the post letting Becky know your top choice and why it would be perfect for you!
3. Make sure to include a valid email when you comment so she can reach you if you win.
4. You must be a resident of the United States.

The giveaway will end on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at midnight Pacific time, and the winner will be announced on Friday morning, September 9th. Good luck!!

Click the following link to see the posting or just see more of Bow Ties and Bliss:


Bow Ties and Bliss Wedding Blog

Vintage Bridal Garter


Blue Wedding Garter

Ivory Wedding Garter

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Blog Love: Bow Ties& Bliss and Bravo Bride

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 17th of August 2011 12:15:23 AM

I love it when I google "La Gartier" and find that there is new content in the blogosphere that I didn't even know about. It is surprising, encouraging, and suspenseful. Suspenseful you say? Yes, because I never know which garter images the editors choose to grab off the website, or what they will write, or who it will bring into LG's path. This past week, I have had two suspenseful moments. That is, I was lucky to discover two new blogs that have written about La Gartier: Bravo Bride and Bow Ties & Bliss. Below are screen shots of the postings, along with a little bit of wedding inspiration I gained from both of these fabulous websites.

With that said, I must say GOODNIGHT. Early morning blogging = cranky mornings. I dream of La Gartier....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Bow Ties And Bliss Wedding Blog

♥La Gartier mentioned under the Bella Bleu Blog feature last Tuesday♥

Bravo Bride Wedding Blog

♥La Gartier featured on Bravo Bride on August 4th♥

Simone Carvalli Silk Wedding Dress

Simone Carvalli Silk Wedding Gown from

Wedding Shoes

Vintage Map DIY Wedding Shoe Inserts from

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