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Aquamarine Custom Wedding Garter for La Gartier Bride Krissi Kirschner

By: Sarah Dobson | Wednesday 6th of November 2013 02:37:15 PM

Aquamarine has been one of my favorite colors since childhood. It is a beautiful color, reminiscent of the sea, mermaids, and was at one time believed to protect sailors. It is also the infamous birthstone of people born in March, which is exactly why La Gartier bride Krissi Kirschner requested that I create a garter for her that somehow incorporated aquamarine. The reason: both  both Krissi Kirschner and her fiance were born in the month of March so they share aquamarine as a common birthstone. (I think this is so special. I can only hope to one day share a birthstone with my fiance, wherever he might be♥♥)

I decided to incorporate aquamarine into Krissi's toss garter design and kept her keepsake garter in all neutral colors to match her gorgeous Alvina Valenta gown. Below are pictures of her final keepsake garter along with her custom aquamarine toss garter. Also pictured below are a few gorgeous aquamarine colored accessories and stones. Honestly, I can't get over how pretty this color is. I wish I was born just ten days later so that I too could claim this stone as my birthstone!

A very sincere  THANK YOU to La Gartier bride Krissi Kirschner for being such a delight to work with! 

aquamarine wedding garter

aquamarine wedding garter

aquamarine wedding garter

aquamarine gemstone

aquamarine necklace

aquamarine necklace

aquamarine stones

aquamarine bridesmaid dress

la gartier wedding garters

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By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 3rd of June 2012 05:35:29 PM

La Gartier has the best selection of blue wedding garters you will EVER find. Below are my top five favorites. If you are interested in purchasing a blue wedding garter for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to contact us at 

blue wedding garter

The Anais Garter: Blue Dupioni Silk with Ivory Silk Tulle Trim. Porcelain Flower, Rhinestone, and Pearl "Garden" Embellishment.

blue wedding garters

The Elizabeth Garter: Blue Dupioni Silk, Ivory Organza Trim, Center Rhinestone "Venetian" Brooch

blue wedding garter

The Annabelle Garter: Ivory French Taft Ribbon, Center Blue Floral Embroidered Bow, Single Pearl Detail

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Personalized Garter: Gail Meyer's "Poolside" Blue Vintage Brooch Garter

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 22nd of May 2012 06:59:35 PM

This month I was lucky enought to meet La Gartier bride Gail Meyer, who is currently getting ready to tie-the-knot in Sunnyvale, California. Gail wanted to place a custom wedding garter order, but wasn't quite sure what she wanted. To give us both clarity, I asked her to look through all of the garters on the website and pick out her favorite. The Marina garter ended up being her top pick, but Gail had one problem with it: it was pure white and her gown was ivory. So, we decided to create a garter for her that was exactly like the Marina garter, but using ivory satin and ivory organza. In addition, Gail wanted to bring in the primary color that appeared throughout her wedding: The Dessy Group's "Poolside" Blue. Gail is actually hand-making a brooch bouquet for herself that incorporates over a hundred of blue brooches of different hue and style, which I think is absolutely fantastic. After hearing about her brooch bouquet, I suggested looking around for an antique "Poolside" blue brooch to put at the center of her garter. She was open to the idea so I set to work doing what I do best: shopping. After searching high and low, I was able to find the most perfect antique Poolside blue clip-on earrings at my favorite antique store here in Atlanta. After getting Gail's approval on them, I purchased them and spent a bit of time turning one of them into a brooch for her garter. Below is the final product. Behold, The "Gail" garter, designed just for La Gartier bride Gail Meyer. Thank you so much for contacting me Gail. This garter was such a blast to create for you and it came out absolutely stunning!

Personalized Wedding Garter

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Blue Wedding Garters

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 26th of February 2012 06:11:42 PM

The sky, the sea, a robin's egg, the cookie monster. What do all of these things have in common? They are all blue!!! Blue is my second favorite color which brings me to the point of tonight's blog post: blue wedding garters. Blue is by far the most popular color for a bride to have on her garter, due to the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue tradition. I think the reason that the wedding garter ends up being the go-to place to put the "something blue" is because if the bride's wedding doesn't incorporate the color blue in anyway, she can put the blue on her garter and hide it from sight.....avoiding any color-clash problems that might occur. Since blue is such a popular color to incorporate into the wedding garter, I made sure to incorporate plenty of blue wedding garters into the collection. In addition, I have made countless blue custom wedding garter designs. If you are looking for a blue wedding garter yourself, I bet you will find something you like in the collection by clicking here. Or, if you want something custom made, you can contact me by using the contact form or email me directly at Below are just a few of some of my favorite blue wedding garter designs!!!

blue wedding garter

The Country Romance Blue and Ivor Wedding Garter

Blue Wedding Garters

The Butterfly and Tiffany Blue Wedding Garter

Blue Wedding Garters

The Marina Garter with hanging Blue Gem

Blue Wedding Garter

The Pierce Wedding Garter with Blue Dupioni Silk

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Live View Studios: Brent and Anna Deitrich

By: Sarah Dobson | Monday 26th of September 2011 09:01:32 PM

About a month ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon Live View Studios, a husband and wife photography team that does everything from high-end fashion photography to weddings. What first caught my eye was an Elizabeth Taylor "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" styled shoot and then a facebook posting Brent had left on their facebook page about La Gartier. As I became more and more interested in Live View Studios (not to mention Brent and Anna themselves who must be the most adorable husband and wife photography team in North Carolina) I coudn't help contacting them to see if they would be interested in shooting a few La Gartier garters. I got lucky. They were admirers of the garters already and were open to shooting a few if I wanted to send about five their way. I just recently got the final images back and I must say, they don't dissapoint. It is apparent that they are very involved in fashion photography in particular, as these images (see below) look like something out of a Tiffany's catalog or an If you have a moment, take a look at their fabulous photography at!!!! Thank you Brent and Anna and I look forward to working together in the future!!

This first garter is one I designed just for Brent and Anna. Thus the "B" (heart) "A" charms.

Keep in mind all La Gartier garters are customizable, and this is just one example of what is possible.

Customized Wedding Garter

This next image (takes my breath away!) is also a new garter design. It is made of an ice blue dupioni silk, a center flower rhinestone brooch, and tiny pearl embellishments dotted across the body. Any ideas for a name?

Couture Wedding Garter

Last but not least, here is a picture of Brent and Anna Deitrich, the husband and wife team behind Live View Studios

Brent and Anna Deitrich.


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Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver

By: Sarah Dobson | Thursday 22nd of September 2011 12:04:44 PM

La Gartier is happy to be one of Blue Bridal Boutique's newest vendors. Blue Bridal is located in Denver, Colorado on the infamous 16th street mall. This is a very special partnership for me as Denver is my home city and the shops along 16th Street mall are ones I know well. Blue Bridal is a chic, contemporary boutique, located in the heart of downtown Denver.  Locally owned and operated, Blue Bridal offers exquisite designer gowns, at surprisingly delightful prices. Blue carries a wide variety of designers, including (but not limited to) Lazaro, Rivini, La Sposa, Pronovias, Jenny Yoo, Theia, and Simone Carvalli just to name a few. Most of the designers are exclusive to their boutique in Colorado, which means you won’t see the same gowns anywhere else. Blue also carries a wide array of gorgeous accessories that are either blue in color or have an accent of blue......... perfect to match their name and perfect for a "something blue."

If you are in the Colorado metro area, please visit the at 500 16th Street, Suite 222, Denver, Colorado 80202. You can visit their website by clicking here

The front door of Blue Bridal Boutique


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La Gartier Giveaway with Bow Ties and Bliss

By: | Saturday 3rd of September 2011 01:45:22 PM

This week La Gartier is partnering with Becky of Bow Ties and Bliss for a giveaway that gives one lucky bride the chance to win either the Lauryn, the Andrea, or the Kim garter. Bow Ties and Bliss first caught my attention about two weeks ago, when it blogged about my favorite online bridal boutique Bella Bleu Couture Bridal. Becky, the writer behind Bow Ties and Bliss, has created just the kind of wedding blog I like: cute, girly, and full of irresistable wedding details. And to top it all off, the entire blog is in my favorite all time color: pink. 

To enter the giveaway:
1. Choose your favorite garter from the three choices (Kim, Lauryn, or Andrea).
2. Leave a comment below the post letting Becky know your top choice and why it would be perfect for you!
3. Make sure to include a valid email when you comment so she can reach you if you win.
4. You must be a resident of the United States.

The giveaway will end on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at midnight Pacific time, and the winner will be announced on Friday morning, September 9th. Good luck!!

Click the following link to see the posting or just see more of Bow Ties and Bliss:


Bow Ties and Bliss Wedding Blog

Vintage Bridal Garter


Blue Wedding Garter

Ivory Wedding Garter

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New Wedding Garter Styles Available on Bella Bleu Only

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 30th of August 2011 09:10:46 PM

The new styles are out!!! Below are the two new, ultra-glamorous La Gartier garters designed exclusively for Bella Bleu Couture Bridal and Speciality Accessories Boutique!!! La Gartier became an official Bella Bleu vendor last month, offering the Leanne and the Nina couture bridal garters..........but the longer I thought about it the more I felt that two garters should be designed just for the Bella Blue website. they are. The first garter, the "Avery" garter,  is made of a white pleated organza with chantilly lace detail, and is dotted with alternating ivory pearls and silver set rhinestones. It is centered by an exquisite pearl and rhinestone "flower" brooch (I can't think of what else to call it!). The second garter is made of two different fabrics: a white antique eyelet lace over a white double faced satin ribbon, with alternating silver set rhinestones (small and large) and a blue, blue, blue rhinestones center embellishment that cries glamour. This garter, the Rachelle garter (named after the newest LG bride Rachelle Schenk) would make a glamorous and completely original "something blue".

Both garters are available exclusively on the Bella Bleu website, where you can find a number of other designer bridal accessories that I, for one, drool over. I'm not even engaged! To see more of Bella Bleu's couture bridal accessories, visit Happy La Gartier everyone and enjoy!!

Couture Wedding Garter

Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Garter


Lace Wedding Garter

Blue Wedding Garter

Blue Sapphire Wedding Garter

Blue Bridal Garter




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Real Wedding Garter: Crystal and David

By: Sarah Dobson | Tuesday 23rd of August 2011 11:41:34 PM

I opened my inbox this morning to my favorite type of email: real wedding pics of one of my bride's with her garter!!  A few months ago Wanda Shipp contacted me, wanting to buy her stepdaughter a gift for her bridal shower. She decided upon the "Carrie" garter and told me that although the wedding was a quite a few months away, she would be sure to send pictures of her daughter with her garter afterward. I was delighted because one, I am always on the look out for real wedding photos and two, her stepdaughter was set to have a beautiful destination wedding in Ireland. Suffice to say, I was happy to see an email from Wanda this morning! The photos are so lovely I am posting them below!! Thank you Wanda and congratulations Crystal!

♥Crystal married the love of her life, David, in Ireland on July 20, 2011♥ 

Bride Crystal with Blue Wedding Garter

Bride Crystal wearing her garter

Bride Crystal Wearing Garter

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Something Blue Wedding Garters

By: Sarah Dobson | Sunday 19th of June 2011 09:43:37 PM

One of my favorite garters in the collection is the "Carrie" garter. I imagine a large part of its popularity is due to the blue double-faced satin ribbon that centers it, making it a perfect "something blue" for the bride's attire. I have been noticing lately that brides usually tend to incorporate their "something blue" into the garter rather than, say, their bouquet or shoes. I think it is a great place to put a little splash of blue and look forward to including more blue detailing in the upcoming collection....and oh with all the different hues and shades of blue to choose from, how will I pick just a few? Sapphire blue, robin's egg blue, baby blue, royal blue, aqua blue, navy blue, midnight blue.........I love them all!!  Until the new collection (and my anxiety over which colors to choose), if you are looking to put some blue into your big day, the "Carrie" gartier is a perfect option.Happy La Gartier everyone!

Something Blue Wedding Garters

The "Carrie" garter is made of a layered polka dot english netting, centered by a darling baby blue double-faced satin ribbon bow and tiny rhinestone detail. $60.00

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